Broadband Connectivity in East Petersburg Borough – GloFiber, the fiberoptic service powered by Shentel, has begun installing the infrastructure for the fiber network. Installation will continue in the Borough through 2024.

Fiber-optic technology, not previously available in East Petersburg Borough, allows data to be sent at faster speeds than other types of broadband connections. There is no financial cost to the Borough.

When the work reaches your neighborhood, you can expect:

  • Work in Public Rights-of-Way: Work will be confined to public rights-of-way or utility easements. Public rights-of-way typically extend 6 to 10 feet into yards from the curb, though the distance varies by neighborhood. East Petersburg Borough has issued the appropriate permits to GloFiber and its subcontractors to work in the public right-of-way; the contractors are required to restore the public rights-of-way to pre-existing conditions.


  • Crews and Equipment: You will see GloFiber technicians or contractors working around the Borough, and you may see large construction vehicles for this purpose.


  • Markings: You may see flags and paint markings to identify existing utilities. Markings do not necessarily indicate where the work will be done; work will be confined to the public right-of-way or utility easements.


To report damage to your property during this work, contact GloFiber at 866-997-6474 or e-mail them at

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