Responsibilities of the Mayor

The Mayor is elected at-large to serve a four-year term. While Council has full legislative and specific executive authority, the Mayor is charged with the full control of the Chief of Police and the police force. Other responsibilities include casting a tie or split-breaking vote, performing marriage ceremonies, requesting aid and assistance from law enforcement officers and agencies, declaring states of emergency, and administering oaths.


About Mayor Malone

I am Mr. Malone, “James Andrew” to my friends.

I was born and raised in Powell Wyoming; just 80 miles east of Yellowstone National Park – East Entrance. I have an eclectic background, education, and vocational experience. My career in IT spans over twenty years focused in business applications development, security, and identity management. My blended family and I moved to East Petersburg Borough in 2011. I was first elected as Mayor in 2017 and reelected in 2021. I am actively involved with the Lancaster County Mayors’ Assoc. (LCMA) and the Pennsylvania State Mayors’ Assoc. (PSMA) where I advocate in the best interests of the Borough in particular, and our communities overall. Whether it is Active citizenship, self-sufficiency, mental illness awareness, Scouting, Wildlife Preservation, or research in Neuromuscular and Dementia diseases, I am an active supporter, volunteer, and fundraiser for a variety of social initiatives. Overall, I am an individual dedicated to helping my family and community find the best path forward to do good without doing harm.

I work in concert with our Brough Council and Borough Secretary (manager) to fulfill my duties and aid the community wherever possible.

I publish and share helpful information as I am able via our borough quarterly virtual newsletter, the “Town Crier”, as well as my Facebook, and Nextdoor pages.

The East Petersburg Borough’s website is the council and office only official online communication hub. Be sure to check often for Borough council and Borough office communications.

At your service,


James Andrew Malone, Mayor
East Petersburg Borough
6076 Pine Street, Suite A, East Petersburg, PA 17520
Phone: 717-569-9282 ext. 150
Fax: 717-569-3731