Routine Street Sweeping will take place in the Borough 

Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

First and third week of the month will be all streets north of State Street

Second and fourth week of the month will be all streets south of State Street 

This schedule is subject to change:

  • During extreme weather, we will push schedule forward or back a day.
  • During the Fall, we will sometimes need to change the schedule to keep the drains cleared.Example:  If weather forecasts rain or snow early in the week, sweeping day will be Thursday and Friday.  Forecasts later in the week will result in moving sweeping day to Monday or Tuesday.


As you may know, EPA has mandated most municipalities and cities to enact an MS4 program which will regulate all storm water that discharges from borough properties into waterways of the Federal Government. Impervious surfaces like roadways and commercial parking lots have sediment and pollutants that get into these waterways.  Street sweeping removes these sediments, trash and debris from being washed into our local streams. The MS4 regulation affects us all and the EPA has set very strict standards on the amount of debris that must be removed. Our Sweeper also has the ability to suck out catch basins with the on-board Vacuum System.  This helps keep what does get into the catch basins out of the streams as well.

For more information on service and rates, contact Kevin Martin at 717-569-9282 or by email;