The Zoning Ordinance adopted  August 4, 2009 and revised April 7, 2015 is summarized as follows: it includes a New Zoning Map and addresses the following major matters – Administration, Definitions, Zoning District Regulations including allowed uses and dimensional requirements, expanded locations for the NC Neighborhood Commercial and R-1 Low Density Residential Districts, Additional Requirements for Specific Uses, Environmental Protection Provisions, Off-street Parking and Loading, Signs, General Regulations, and Provisions for non-conformities.

A copy of the ordinance together with the map may be examined without charge at the Borough Office at 6040 Main Street, East Petersburg, Pennsylvania during regular business hours, or online below. Copies of all or portions of the ordinance are available for purchase at the Borough offices at the cost of reproduction. If a person wishes to purchase an entire copy of the Ordinance, they are asked to please contact the Borough office in advance.


Article 1 – Contents

Article 2 – Definitions

Article 3, Part 1 – District Regulations

Article 3, Part 2 – District Regulations

Article 4 – Requirements for Specific Uses

Article 5 – Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Article 6 – Off Street Parking & Loading

Article 7, Part 1 – Signs

Article 7, Part 2 – Signs

Article 8 – General Regulations

Zoning Map