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An amazing evening today of simulated fire training and education for the elected officials of East Petersburg! A HUGE thanks to all the EP23 firefighters and officers who put together something I won’t soon forget… Let me tell you, doing a search through a smoke filled home with no sense of up or down and hanging onto your buddy’s sleeve simply can’t be described in words…nor can the sensation of getting right up to a burning car to pry open the door and hold the water hose on the fire… awesome!
Mayor Geoghan



East_Petersburg,_PA_Keystone_MarkerEast Petersburg Borough is located three miles northwest of Lancaster and has a population of about 4500. It offers both new and established homes. Most of the homes are in housing developments with the exception of the farms and farmettes that exist in this area. All major conveniences can be realized without having to venture far from the home. One of the highlights near the Borough is Roots Market located on Graystone Road just off Route 72 which is the major artery passing through the center of town. The market is open year round every Tuesday from 9am to 9pm and just about everything imaginable can be found there. It attracts tourists as well as the local people. Read More…



In accordance with the provisions of Act 184 of 1986, commonly known as the Sunshine Law, notice is hereby given that the East Petersburg Borough Council will hold public meetings. For more information on dates and times, click here.