East Petersburg Borough Council is a legislative body of 7, elected by citizens of the borough to four-year staggered terms. Council is responsible for establishing policies, enacting by ordinance or resolution necessary laws and regulations to implement approved policies, providing for annual budgets and appropriations of funds for lawful expenditures, and appointing members to boards and commissions established by the Council.

Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., at the Community Center located at 6051 Pine Street, across from the firehouse. All East Petersburg residents and business owners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Council Members:

President, Debra Miller (TERM 1/1/28)

Vice President, John Schick (TERM 1/1/26)

Adam Gochnauer, Pro Tem (TERM 1/1/28)

John Herr (TERM 1/1/28)

William Sharp (TERM 1/1/28)

Randy Rannels (TERM 1/1/26)

Sandra Valdez (TERM 1/1/26)

To view recent copies of approved Council Minutes, go to the Meetings and Minutes section of this website. For previous years contact the Borough office.